Domestic Violence: Understanding Your Legal Options FAQ

Get informed guidance on addressing domestic violence.

To safeguard victims from further abuse, obtaining a temporary restraining order (TRO) is one of the most effective legal defenses. A TRO is a court-issued order that commands the aggressor to cease all abusive actions. It may include provisions that the abuser steer clear from your residence, workplace, children’s educational institutions, and any regularly visited locations, such as places of worship. The order also bans any additional acts of violence.

Accessing a TRO can be straightforward in many jurisdictions. For instance, courts in New York and California deliver a set of forms to assist with filing, and clerks may even help complete them. After filling out the paperwork, you’ll present evidence of abuse to a judge—like medical records or police reports. Judges generally remain accessible outside standard office hours to issue TROs because domestic violence can occur at any time.

How Can I Find a Secure Environment to Stay?

Communities frequently offer refuge in the form of battered women’s shelters, where victims of domestic violence and their children can reside temporarily during a crisis or until they secure long-term housing. Local police, social service agencies, and women’s resource centers can guide you to these shelters. Additionally, searching your local telephone directory under various social service categories can yield contacts for these services. In certain states, police must supply victims with a list of resources for emergency shelter, legal advice, and counseling.

For further assistance, you can reach out to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) at 303-839-1852 or visit Alternatively, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) or, for support and program referrals.

What If I Cannot Obtain a TRO After Business Hours?

If you’re in a situation where local judges are unavailable post-5 p.m. to grant TROs, do not hesitate to contact your local police. Officers can issue an emergency protective order when courts are closed. These short-term orders offer immediate protection and last until you can secure a TRO from the court during the next business day.

How Do I Enhance My Chances of Legal Success in a Domestic Violence Case?

While some victims approach the court promptly after an incident, others might delay seeking legal action due to various reasons. However, remember that the court’s decision on restraining orders is grounded in legal statutes and procedures. To bolster your court case:

Police Reports: Always call the police if threatened or harmed. Not only does this ensure your physical safety, but it also provides legal documentation, which is essential should you later pursue a restraining order.

Photographs: Aside from police evidence, take extensive photos of your injuries from multiple angles and lighting conditions to present during hearings. Document any property damage as well.

What Are My Next Steps After Securing a TRO?

Once you’ve obtained a TRO, register it with the police departments in areas where the order applies—your home, workplace, and children’s schools. Local authorities can provide details on how to formalize your order.

What Should I Do if I Face Abuse Despite Having a TRO?

A TRO can serve as a significant deterrent, but if the abuse persists, immediate police intervention is critical. Having a TRO gives the police a stronger basis to assist you. Without a TRO, you still have the right to police protection, as domestic violence is a criminal offense in every state.

Always have the police document the incident and provide you with the report number. If you decide to press charges, remember that the final decision to prosecute lies with the district attorney, not with the police or yourself.

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