Mr Clay represented me during my divorce in 2011. He was absolutely incredible throughout the entire process. He is very reasonable and is hands down one of the best attorneys in San Antonio, Texas. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney!!!!!

B. Johnson

Mr. Clay was very flexible and accessible in handling my divorce since I was not able to come into the office due to my schedule. The process was very smooth and was processed in a timely manner. Mr. Clay was very knowledgeable and professional and provided me with exceptional service. Thank you Mr. Clay.

Jenny G.

Mr. Clay exceeded my expectations. I was fighting for custody and child support with a bully of an ex. He was tough with the other lawyer and made sure that I was not taken advantage of. His knowledge and experience was very apparent. I highly recommend Mr. Clay to anyone needing legal aid.

K. Aleman

As far as I am concerned, J Michael Clay is my hero! He helped to make an otherwise stressful and scary situation very pleasant and so easy! Going through a divorce is not ideal for anyone, especially for a stay-at-home mom in her mid 20's. Suffering through a bad marriage is painful and the thought of going through the stressful divorce was daunting. I didn't know what to expect, where to turn, what to look for, how to prepare myself, etc. I was referred to Mr. Clay from a friend and that was the best referral I have ever gotten. He took the reigns, told me about what to expect, educated me on ways to protect myself and my child concerning my physical and financial future, recommended property and asset division as well as helping me get the rights I wanted for my child. He exceeded my expectations! I ended up moving to Houston from San Antonio during the divorce proceedings and he worked with me remotely without any problems at all. I have heard nightmare stories of divorces being stung along our for years, mine was done in 90 days! Plus I got more out of the divorce than I even expected, including very generous child support, primary custody, geographical and educational rights over my child, half of all finances, plus he even got my ex-husband to pay off my car! My ex-husband didn't even have to be at the hearing, I showed up in court and 20 minutes later was granted my divorce! I am forever grateful to J Michael Clay, my life is wonderful now and I don't know if I would be in this place if it were not for his help and expertise!

K. Hammett

Absolute pro! If you need a Lawyer that truly understand law and can answer any question you present him with, Mr. Clay is your man! I am extremely happy to have him represent me! Picking a lawyer is like picking a real estate agent. So many, so it can be hard but let me tell you I am 100% happy that I picked him and I will forever use him in the future and recommended him to anyone in the San Antonio area that is looking for legal representation.

P. Martinez

J. Michael Clay did a great job modifying a child order for us. The father tried giving trouble about signing again and J. Michael Clay knee how to handle it. He not only helped to clearly walk me through the scary process and make it comfortable, he’s also very affordable in comparison to other lawyers in the area. He went above and beyond. He was great at answering and returning phone calls. He helped with legal advice every step of the way even when he didn’t have to anymore. When the father started with threats of petitions J. Michael Clay was able to recommend other knowledgeable and experienced lawyers like himself as he was honest about not being able to take on more case load during that time. He left me in EXCELLENT hands with the new lawyer who confirmed that he did a great job on the previous child order modifications. I’ve hired 3 lawyers in my lifetime for various reasons and J. Michael Clay is my favorite thus far. I highly recommend him to my friends and family. He really went the extra mile.

T. Thomas

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