Guiding Your Children’s Inheritance: Responsible Property Management

Securing Your Children’s Financial Future

The Law Office of J. Michael Clay understands the concerns of parents contemplating the well-being of their children should the unimaginable happen. An important part of caring for your children’s future is managing the financial resources you intend to leave them. Unfortunately, something often overlooked is the designation of someone responsible to steward their inherited property if they are not yet of age.

Many couples designate their spouse as the primary beneficiary, with the assumption that the surviving parent will provide for the children, designating them as secondary beneficiaries. Single parents might leave assets directly to their children. Regardless of your marital status or estate size, it is crucial to appoint a trustee or guardian to manage your property should your children inherit it at a young age. Estate plans, including wills and living trusts, serve as the vehicles for these protections.

The Risks Without a Management Plan

Failure to plan for property management could compel a probate court to appoint a property guardian for minor children (those under 18), which may not always align with your wishes. Court-appointed guardians face ongoing scrutiny and reporting requirements, diminishing their autonomy over managing the property. Smaller estates, however, may leverage the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act to facilitate more straightforward custodianship.

Adulthood (commonly 18 years and older) grants your offspring complete authority over any inherited property unless directed otherwise through your established will or trust.

Your Options for Property Oversight

The Law Office of J. Michael Clay assists in navigating the available options to preempt uncertainty and ensure well-managed inheritances:

1. Designate a Property Guardian in Your Will

Your will can outline your chosen property guardian for your children, and upon your passing, the court will likely honor this personal designation.

2. Appoint a Custodian Under the UTMA

The widely-adopted Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) allows you to select a custodian to manage a minor’s inheritance until they reach adult age, typically 21, although this age can vary by state.

3. Insuring for Your Children’s Future

Managing life insurance benefits for your children’s future can be structured through UTMA or a child’s trust. However, understanding the necessity, type and amount of life insurance is critical before you commit to policies.

 4. Create Individual Trusts for Your Children

A trust for each child can be established to control and protect assets until they reach an age you designate. This precise arrangement facilitates responsible financial stewardship in alignment with your intentions.

 5. Establish a Combined Trust for Your Family

A ‘pot trust’ or family trust manages inheritance for multiple children, giving the trustee discretion in supporting each child’s needs until the youngest reaches the age threshold, often 18.

Application Example

Consider the case of Nick and Nora, who, with three young children, utilized a comprehensive estate plan to secure a pot trust, overseen by Nora’s sister Chloë. This strategic planning ensures that their children’s financial needs are met with flexible, yet carefully managed support.

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