Understanding the Impact of Marriage on Your Legal and Practical Rights

At The Law Office of J. Michael Clay, we recognize the profound ways in which marriage can alter the course of your life, both legally and practically. Marriage is more than a symbolic union; it encompasses a myriad of rights, protections, and benefits that can affect your day-to-day living. These can differ by state, but generally include the following:

Tax Benefits

  • Enjoy the advantage of filing combined income tax returns to the IRS and state taxing authorities, which may lead to significant savings.
  • Leverage the opportunity to create a “family partnership” recognized by federal tax laws, permitting the distribution of business income among family members, potentially lowering tax obligations.

Estate Planning Benefits

  • Secure your entitlement to inherit property from your spouse’s estate without the hindrance of estate taxes.
  • Take advantage of tax exemptions on any gifts or inheritances to your spouse.
  • Use exclusive marital trusts, such as QTIP, QDOT, and marital deduction trusts to plan your estate efficiently.
  • Gain precedence in being appointed as conservator, in the event your spouse requires someone to oversee their finances or health decisions.

Government Benefits

  • Access essential benefits including Social Security, Medicare, and disability provisions for spouses.
  • Avail of benefits related to veterans and military service, which extend to education, healthcare, and specialized loans.
  • Obtain entitlements from public assistance programs as a spouse.

Employment Benefits

  • Receive health insurance and other employment-related benefits through your spouse’s workplace.
  • Utilize family leave for the care of your spouse during illness, without jeopardizing your job.
  • Claim your spouse’s employment benefits including wages, workers’ compensation, and retirement funds in the event of their passing.
  • Acquire the right to bereavement leave to mourn the loss of your spouse or a close relative of your spouse.

Medical Benefits

  • Exercise the privilege of visiting your spouse in restricted areas of medical facilities, such as intensive care units.
  • Make critical healthcare decisions on behalf of your spouse if they become incapacitated.

Death Benefits

  • Give consent for after-death examinations and procedures.
  • Arrange funeral or other post-mortem services as required.

Family Benefits

  • Pursue stepparent or joint adoption processes.
  • Apply for joint rights in foster care situations.
  • Assure fair distribution of assets upon divorce.
  • Secure child and spousal support, as well as custody and visitation rights during divorce proceedings.

Housing Benefits

  • Reside in areas designated for families.
  • Benefit from automatic renewal clauses in leases originally signed by your spouse.

Consumer Benefits

  • Save money through family insurance rates and various household discounts.
  • Enjoy perks like reduced tuition fees and access to institutional facilities for families.
  • Claim damages for the wrongful death of a spouse and loss of consortium.
  • Pursue legal action against third parties that negatively affect the marital relationship, where such laws exist.
  • Utilize the marital communications privilege to keep confidential communications between spouses private during legal proceedings.
  • Receive benefits intended for victims of crime if your spouse has been affected.
  • Facilitate immigration and residency proceedings for a noncitizen spouse.
  • Have the right to visit your spouse in environments that limit visitors to immediate family members.

To navigate these legal complexities and ensure you understand the rights and benefits applicable to you, a lawyer from The Law Office of J. Michael Clay can provide the necessary guidance.

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Mr Clay represented me during my divorce in 2011. He was absolutely incredible throughout the entire process. He is very reasonable and is hands down one of the best attorneys in San Antonio, Texas. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney!!!!!

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